Nut Butter Bar Subscription
Nut Butter Bar Subscription
Nut Butter Bar Subscription
Nut Butter Bar Subscription

Nut Butter Bar Subscription

Our handmade nut butters are made to order and typically ship in 3-5 business days. Please write if you need to arrange expedited shipping.

Includes FREE shipping! More details here: Shipping Information.



Not made with gluten-containing ingredients but may contain traces of gluten.

Balanced, on-the-go nutrition doesn't have to sacrifice integrity, flavor, or freshness. The proof is in our fresh, handcrafted nut butter bars, which are made in small batches with our own fresh-roasted nut butter and the best whole ingredients out there. Equally tasty and nutritious without compromise, this is probably the kind of bar you'd make at home if you only had time.

With time-saving in mind, we are pleased to offer a monthly subscription perfect for the person who needs to stay stocked with on-the-go nutrition but doesn't have time to place an order! Our Nut Butter Bar Subscription includes one 12-count case of nut butter bars delivered to your door each month. 

How it works:

Select the nut butter bar recipe you'd like to receive.

Select subscription duration: We offer 3 or 6 month subscriptions, as well as an ongoing option you may cancel any time after the third shipment.

Select payment option: Prepayment (not available for ongoing subscriptions) or automatic monthly credit card charge with each shipment.

We'll send one case of your selected nut butter bar for the duration of your subscription. Subscriptions do not automatically renew.