March Featured AB&J: Lemon Bird Preserves Greengage Plums + Almond Ginger Butter

March Featured AB&J: Lemon Bird Preserves Greengage Plums + Almond Ginger Butter

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Lemon Bird Preserves Greengage Plum

(Greengage Plum, Sugar, Lemon Juice)

Amy Deaver grew up making preserves and pickles with her grandmother in her midwest kitchen. But it wasn’t until a vacation in the South of France that she rediscovered her love of canning and jam making and returned home inspired. Soon thereafter she founded Lemon Bird Preserves, a business dedicated to using fresh local produce and old French techniques to make exquisite preserves and pickles. Each batch is carefully crafted by Amy and her small team in their Southern California kitchen. From washing and preparing the produce, to slow cooking in copper pots, and canning, every step is completed by hand. Absolutely no shortcuts are taken: a single batch can take anywhere from two to three days.

The inspiration for Lemon Bird's unique preserves comes from the pesticide-free produce they source from local family farms. Each jam celebrates the inherent flavor of the incredibly fresh produce that is often processed the same day it's picked. This is abundantly true in this month’s featured jam, Greengage Plums. The remarkable, Good Food Award winning jam sings with potent plum flavor. While composed of just three simple ingredients -  Greengage plum, sugar, and lemon juice - the taste is deep and complex. Much of this complexity comes from slow cooking the delicate Greengage plums - also known as the Reine Claude - a European variety prized as some of the finest plums available. Amy was thrilled to find a local source for the coveted fruit. Sweet, tart, and just a touch floral all at once, these preserves are completely addictive. We love it paired with our Almond Ginger or Peanut Cashew butter slathered on crunchy English muffins.

Almond Ginger Butter

(Heirloom Mission Almonds, Crystallized Fiji Ginger (Ginger & Cane Sugar), Sea Salt)

One of Mark’s earliest (and fondest) food memories is of his great-grandfather, Woodrow, opening and handing him an iced-cold glass bottle of Blenheim ginger ale during a break from trout fishing on the banks of an East Tennessee creek. That first sip – sharp and sweet with a strong peppery kick – was a flavor revelation, so he took another, and then another. From that moment on, he was hooked, and he sought out ginger in every form he could find it.

Our Almond Ginger Butter combines fresh-roasted Mission almonds with a gorgeous, golden-hued crystallized ginger from The Ginger People’s inspiring FIJI GINGER project, organic cane sugar, and sea salt. The resulting vibrant and lemony almond butter is delightful as a breakfast spread on warm waffles, a unique way to wake up your AB&J, a base for an Asian-inspired dressing, and of course, a snack right out of the jar. 

Indigenous to Southeast Asia, ginger’s (Zingiber officinale) history reaches back more than 5000 years when it was used as an herbal medicine in modern-day India and China. It eventually traveled along spice routes to Ancient Rome, where it became a pantry staple known for its ability to enhance almost any dish. It continued as an obscure article of trade in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire, and around the 12th Century, Arabian spice traders perfected a technique of drying and preserving ginger with coarse sugar, creating the form of crystallized ginger we know and love today. We love ginger because of its taste and texture, but it is also praised for its myriad medicinal properties, so don’t be shy with your spoon.