July Featured Jam: Jamnation In the Limelight Seascape Strawberry Jam with Key Lime

July Featured Jam: Jamnation In the Limelight Seascape Strawberry Jam with Key Lime


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(Organic Seascape Strawberries, Organic Cane Sugar, Key Lime Juice, Organic Lemon Juice, Key Lime Zest)

Local, seasonal fruit is, quite literally, Jamnation founder and chief jammer Gillian Reynolds’ jam. Hailing from three generations of chefs and food retailers, the native New Yorker turned Californian was born into the food world. During a trip to Brazil after grad school, she was blown away by the complex flavors and textures she found in the country’s panoply of fresh, simple fruits. She quickly realized that not all fruits were created equal, and that small, local farms usually created better-tasting, more sustainable harvests.

Upon returning to San Francisco, she was determined to find the same intensity of flavor in local, organic fruits from small Northern California farms. Her desire to share these exquisite fruits with friends & family back home in NYC inspired her to create small-batch, handmade jams. From these recipes, Jamnation was born.

Her idea was to create bright, bold jams with pure, carefully sourced ingredients. We think she’s done this quite well! Jamnation’s preserves sing with beautiful flavors and luscious textures, pairing wonderfully with our fresh-roasted, coarsely milled nut butters.

Gillian's jam recipes started as gifts to her family; each one references a specific memory she shared with a particular family member. Her "In the Limelight" strawberry jam is one of those originals and was a gift to her mother. In Gillian’s words, “It is an ode to the strawberries that we ate during summers I spent in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, as a child. My mother was obsessed with these strawberries; they were only available for a few weeks every year and she made strawberry shortcakes, tarts… you name it.”

In California, Jamnation uses Seascape variety strawberries because they are a bit more tart and hold up better to cooking, leaving gorgeous whole strawberries in the finished jam, which cooks down in a three-day process to create its lush texture.

For each jam, Gillian also tries to find a secondary flavor that complements the primary fruit. Since many strawberry preserves tend to be cloyingly sweet, she chose citrus for this jam, using both the zest and hand-pressed juice of Key limes to provide an addictive balance of acid and sweetness. In the Limelight may have started as a gift to Gillian’s mother, but it is now her father’s pick for PB&J’s - one of his favorite midnight snacks.

We are excited to offer Jamnation’s In the Limelight Seascape Strawberry Jam with Key Lime as our July 2017 Featured Jam! It is available a la carte or in recommended PB&J and AB&J pairings on our web shop. We hope you love it as much as we do!